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4th Grade News

Thank you to all that attended conferences in February. The student lef conferences were a huge success. 

CREW: For the month of March the entire school will have a CREW focus on RESPONSIBLITY. It is our hope and desire that the students become responsible students in and out of the classroom. Becoming a student of responsibility will ead to a successful life. Students need to be responsible for themselves, others and the property around them. 

MATH: In math, we are beginning our learning of FRACTIONS, CHANCE and PROBABILITY. It is extremely important that students are able to manipulate the idea of parts and wholes. Also, the students need to continue their learning of multiplication and division. 

Literacy: In Literacy, we arae going to be focusing on COMPARING and CONTRASTING between texts. We are also going to be continuing with different POINTS OF VIEW. We are focusing on 1st and 3rd person point of view. In writing, we are continuing our learning of RESEARCH WRITING about past presidents. It is very critical that your child is reading AT LEAST 30 minutes per night. Please encourage your child to read books at their level. 

SCIENCE: During this month of March, 4th grade will be delving into the concepts and ideas od structure and organisms.

During the month of March, the 4th grade students are going to be beginning their PARCC and CMAS testing. It is very important that students are getting the correct amount of rest needed. Students also benefit from having wonderful nutrition during this time so that they are able to be as alert as possible.

Thanks for all of your help. The year is quickly slipping away from us.