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RME Choir

Choir meets every Tuesday after school until 3:45pm. We are currently learning our songs for the winter concert. To begin, we start by learning the melody by rote (i.e; listening and repeating). Then, we move onto reading the score and learning other voice parts of the song like harmonies and countermelodies.

Even if your child is not a member of the choir, please consider joining us for our winter concert on Tuesday, December 14th, at 5pm! Grades kindergarten through 2nd will also be performing class songs at the concert. More information will be sent home in November regarding this performance.

If you are a member of choir, below are audio files, links, and videos to practice with at home. Practice with vocals until you are confident enough to use the accompaniment tracks (i.e; karaoke). Happy practicing!

"Candles of Hanukkah" with Vocals

"Cold Snap" Accompaniment

"Jingle Bells" Accompaniment

"Star Spangled Banner"